Purchase Credits Online via Paypal

The online purchase via PayPal system allows you to buy your credits anytime, 24/7, and your credits are stored in your account automatically after the transaction is over.

In order to buy credits via PayPal, select "Buy" (upper right side of the webpage, next to the available credits). Then follow the steps below:


  1. Fill in the amount of credits you want to buy in the form "Credit Cost Calculator".
  2. In the menu "Choose your preferred payment method in order to continue" press the button "Pay Pal".

  3. Then select "Pay with my PayPal account" and follow the system instructions in order to use your PayPal account.

    If you do not have a PayPal account, you can select "Pay with my credit or debit card", which will allow you to pay via your credit card. You will have to fill in the form with the needed information:

    • Country: Select the country
    • Card Number: Enter your credit card number.
    • Payment Types: You will see the available transaction types.
    • Expiration Date: Enter the expiration date of your credit card.
    • CSC: Enter the 3-digit code which is printed on the back of your credit card.
    • First Name: Enter your first name.
    • Last Name: Enter your last name.
    • Address line1: Enter your valid address (Street and number).
    • Address line 2 (optional): Enter a second valid address (street and number). This field is optional.
    • City: Enter your city.
    • State/Province/Region: Enter the state or province or region.
    • Postal Code: Enter your postal code.
    • Telephone: Enter your phone number.
    • Email: Enter your email.
    • Choose a PayPal password: Enter a password for your PayPal account.
    • Reset a PayPal password: Reenter the password you entered in the previous field.