Purchase Credits via Bank Account Deposit

In order to buy credits via bank account deposit, select "Buy" (upper right side of the webpage, next to the available credits). Then follow the steps below:


  1. Fill in the amount of credits you want to buy in the form "Credit Cost Calculator".
  2. In the menu "Choose your preferred payment method in order to continue" press the button "Bank Account Deposit".

  3. The form that appears contains all the needed information for your transaction, such as the total amount you have to pay and the bank accounts of our company.
  4. After having completed the deposit or electronic transfer to an account successfully, you have to fax the bank receipt to 210 68 123 86, or email it to sales[at]yuboto[dot]com. declaring your username and the mobile phone you used for your registration. Once we receive the fax or email, we will activate the credits within 5-10 minutes (during working hours and days).