Search Contacts

Whenever you want to find a specific contact in your groups, in order to edit it, you can follow the instructions below:

  1. Select the menu "Phone Book".
  2. Select "Search contacts".
  3. Choose one or more groups to search, by checking the checkbox next to each one of them. You can check the checkbox next to the phrase "Select all Lists", in order to select all the lists of your Phone Book.
  4. In the field of the conditions, open the button --Select field-- and select what you want to search. E.g. Let's find a certain last name. So, select "Last Name".
  5. In the box that appears under that, select if the condition contains, equals, starts or ends with a certain word. E.g. If you want to find Mrs. Kaufmann, you can select "contains" and underneath write "Kaufm".
  6. Press "Add filter". Confirm that your condition is shown in the bigger box below.

  7. Select "Search".
  8. On the right side, you will see the results of the search, depending on the groups and conditions that you set. E.g. If Mrs Kaufmann is in more than one group, you will find her many times and you will have the information of which group contains her.