Search Contact in a Certains Group

You can search a contact in a certain group in two ways:

  • Either by following the instructions of the paragraph "SEARCH CONTACTS"
  • Or straight through the certain group, by following the steps below:
    1. Select the menu "Phone Book".
    2. Select the group you want to search, by clicking on its name, so as to make it grey. On the right, all the contacts of the group will appear.
    3. Select "Search & Edit contacts".
    4. Depending on the criteria of your search, fill in the line of the correspondent field, mentioning if the data contains, equals, starts or ends with a certain word. E.g. If you want to find Mrs. Kaufmann, you will fill in the line of the Last Name, where you will select "contains" and write "Kaufm".


    5. Press "Filter contacts".
    6. The page will show you the results of the search in a few seconds.