Import of one Contact in an Existing Group

If you want to import one contact, with or without personalized data, in a certain group that already exists in your account, you can select one of the following ways:

  • Either through the instructions of the paragraph "IMPORT CONTACTS", where in the 4th step you will select the procedure of the category "Add a single contact to the list".
  • Or straight through a certain group, by following the steps below:
    1. Select the menu "Phone Book".
    2. Select the group you want to search, by clicking on its name, so as to make it grey. On the right, all the contacts of the group will appear.
    3. Press the button "Add new Contact".

    4. Fill in the gaps of the form. The field of the Phone Number is mandatory and has to contain the international dialing code of the country, while all the other fields are optional.
    5. Press "Save".