Activate/Deactivate Contacts in a Certain Group

The contacts that you have imported in your groups are either activated or deactivated. In both cases, they continue to exist in your groups, until you delete them. The deactivated contacts, though, do not take part in any of your campaigns and they do not receive your messages, so you will not find them in your History or reports. You can always search for them, edit them or activate them again, if you want.

You can activate or deactivate your contacts in two ways:

  • Either by following the instructions of the paragraph "MASS UPDATE/ DELETE CONTACTS CLEAR GROUPS", where in the 4th step you will select the procedure of the category "Clear the groups from certain contacts" and the option of deactivation
  • Or by following the instructions of the paragraph "SEARCH CONTACT IN A CERTAIN GROUP". After having found the contact you want, uncheck the checkbox of the column "Active".

  • Or by following the next steps:
    1. Select the menu "Phone Book".
    2. Select the group you want to search, by clicking on its name, so as to make it grey. On the right, all the contacts of the group will appear.
    3. You can make a mass deactivation and mass activation of your contacts, by pressing on the buttons "Deactivate all" and "Activate all" on the upper right side of the group.