The menu "Transactions" allows you to have a clear overview of your purchases and payments and it is considered to be a useful tool for your accounting department, as it shows every detail about the pricelist and offer that you have used in the previous transactions you made. Apart from that, in this menu, you can find your e-invoices, if you have selected to have.


Overview of Transactions

In this area, you will find useful information, such as how many credits you have purchased from your registration until today, how much money you have payed and if there is any pending amount due to pay.

Purchasing Overview

In this area your purchases appear in details and the system shows you the cost per credit, the date of your purchase and the total amount that was payed for every transaction.

The column "Invoice Issued" allows you to know if the accounting department has invoiced your purchased. The reports are:

- PENDING: The transaction has not been invoiced yet.

- YES: The transaction has been invoiced. If YES is underlined, you can press on it and your e-invoice or e-receipt will open as a pdf file on your screen.


Payments Overview

In this area, you will find your payments in details, such as the amount you have payed, the way and the date of payment.