Step 3 Services Activation

The Activation of the service is FREE OF CHARGE and can be achieved in two ways: Either straight after your registration or during the use of the platform. You can find the instructions below:

Activation of services after your registration

  1. In the tab that appears automatically after the registration process, you may select the services you want to activate, by clicking on the corresponding image. Yuniverse services are:

    SMS & MMS Services

    • Web2SMS: Manage your SMS campaigns via any computer connected to the internet.
    • Birthday SMS: Send personalized greeting SMS on your contacts' name days and birthdays.
    • Mobile2SMS: Manage your SMS campaigns using your mobile phone.
    • Email2SMS/MMS: Use any email software to send SMS or multimedia messages.
    • Yuboto Email: Create a Yuboto email account, so that every email sent to this account is delivered to you in the form of SMS.
    • SMPPtoSMS: Send your SMS via SMTP connection.

    Voice services

    • Autodialer: Send prerecorded messages to your contacts' landlines and mobile phones.

    Mobile services

    • mServices: Create mobile cards, coupons, tickets and member cards and easily distribute them.
  2. Press "Finish".

Services activation during Yuniverse use

If you are an already registered user, but you have not activated some services directly after your registration, you can activate them by following the next steps:

  1. Enter your account (detailed instructions at STEP 4 - LOG IN)
  2. Select the menu "Services" > Then select "Activate more services"
  3. Select the services you want to activate, by clicking on the corresponding image.
  4. Finally, press "Activate".